I’M BACK!!…and College Life

It’s been almost two years now since I last posted. My life has completely changed from the time I last wrote to now. I’ve moved to Minneapolis and finished my first year of college. I’ve made new friends and started new jobs. There’s just so much that has changed since I last updated!

City life is so much different than country life. There’s constantly people milling about and cars, buses, trucks and trains always in a rush, coming and going not resting a moment….but, there’s beauty in the craziness. There’s beauty in the diversity of the people, and it seems almost every block there’s another ethnic group. The different cuisines are endless and I keep discovering a new favourite! There are museums, and cool bridges (aka. Stone Arch Bridge), theatres, historical buildings, coffee shops, bike trails and lake fronts. There’s so much here to explore and discover! And it’s all at my fingertips! After living here for almost a year, I’ve grown very fond of the city and all its adventures, yet a small town endearment still burns in my heart. And I know deep down inside that I will always love my small town heritage.

College life is so intense, literally, all I did last winter was go to class, go to work, and then come home and study, read, and write! Every. Single. Day!…..I loved it though. Thinking back to the class discussions we had (sometimes debates), or the conversations out of class. Those are some of my fondest memories. The relationships I’ve been able to build are so sweet as well. I do believe that the friends I have now will be friends that I have for a lifetime.

Update over. I will continue on with my life and be back with more things to share.




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