My Memorial Day!

Hey, Guys!
So it’s been a pretty busy past couple months! This past May my whole family got together for Memorial Day at Granite Peaks. It was a bit chilly, but overall it was a ton of fun! Honestly, I don’t know if it’s even possible to be on top of a gorgeous mountain, with family… and food! and not have at least some fun! I mean, be real folks…. you can’t get much better than that!

…and can I just say….the kabobs were to die for!!

Can I just say......the kabobs were to die for!!

It was also a few days after Janelle’s birthday, and in my book, if there’s a birthday.…there’s gotta’ be a cake! so I took to Pinterest and found a patriotic cake recipe—-to go with the Memorial Day theme—-and I baked her up a cake!….It turned out wonderfully and tasted absolutely divine!!… You can get the recipe for it here


 Later on in the day we decided to go up to the lookout point that is on the mountain, and on the way up there, we came upon some big huge boulders that were randomly piled.  And, of course, Justus had to climb up to the veery top of them! All I can say is, kudos to him…I got about three-quarters of the way up before realizing that my life was worth more than out-doing my brother, so I reluctantly retraced my steps….

and he reached the summit!!
Getting everyone to cooperate is a say the least!
Getting everyone to cooperate is a challenge…to say the least!
My peeps!! ♥

So yeah, that pretty much summed up our day, of hanging out and just chillin’—-in more ways than one!

More posts to come! 😀


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